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fellowship 4 freedom

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6-8 pm

1410 8th St. Marysville, WA

Fellowship 4 Freedom is working to restore our God-given constitutionally protected rights through education, while uniting under our Creator and the banner of freedom. 

Our desire is to provide a safe place for you, your family and your children to learn the truth of what we are all facing. You are not alone! There are others willing to stand with you and support you throughout this ordeal.

Be sure to check out the resource links below on this page. Fellowship 4 Freedom is collaborating with many other groups throughout Washington State. 

for truth...

Truth. What is truth? Pilate asked Jesus that very question (John 18:38). How do you find it in these perilous days? There are limitless sources of information today. But, how do you find the truth? It seems that we are surrounded with a repeated narrative foisted upon us and amplified by the main stream media and government. We are living in a day when our “leaders” call evil good and good evil, they put darkness for light and light for darkness and to compound matters, they have developed their own brand of wisdom (Isaiah 5:20-21).

First of all, we must find out the worldview of those propagating their information. As we know from Scripture, there will be limited sources of truth in the last days. While the Church stands as the pillar and ground of truth (1 Timothy 3:15), because it both follows and serves Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6), there are those who have given themselves over to speaking lies in hypocrisy (1 Timothy 4:1-2). We must discern the source and what is being offered. 

The following links are provided for your research. For you to be like the Bereans of the Bible who were fair-minded and who searched out matters to discover if things were so (Acts 17:10-12). We only offer these for resources. We cannot attest to their veracity as we are not the source. Again, these are provided so you may hear or see another perspective not offered by the government or main stream media sources. It’s up to you to make a final determination as to what lines up with the truth!

resource links

Reset Church offers these links for research purposes and has no control over the content that is posted on any other site. The veracity of claims made should be validated by your own independent research.