Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

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Pakistan, Africa & Israel

World Concern 44-cent Cure

Reset Church has partnered with Dr. Stan Fleming and Gate Breakers Ministries (GBM)
GBM serves primarily in Pakistan and in Africa, but also does outreach to Israel.

Highway 19 Ministries is led by Steve & Taffy Carpenter. They have dedicated their lives to serving the nation of Israel to see the highway of holiness        re-established throughout the region. 
Rush to Provide the 44-Cent Cure
Deliver children from the scourge of intestinal parasites!
How many children will you cure today?
Intestinal parasites infect kids through contaminated water or going barefoot in unsanitary conditions, and cause … 
  • Excruciating pain 
  • Debilitating diarrhea 
  • Stunted growth and development 
  • Weakness, exhaustion, falling behind in school 
  • And losing hope for the future! 
Just 44¢ provides the cure for one child — eliminates worms so good health and hope for the future can be restored! 
  • 44¢ cures 1 child 
  • $44 cures 100 children 
  • $440 cures 1,000 children 
Please help with your most generous gift today!

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Reset Church is part of a ministry network that supports missions around the world

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